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The cornerstone of every successful deal is a well drafted contract.

No matter what your business interest, whether you are buying or selling goods or services, it is essential that you have written contracts in place so that everyone involved knows what is expected of them and also, of course, what to expect in return.

Time and time again, we are approached by businesses who are in dispute with either a supplier or customer and there are only a few emails or telephone notes to record what was actually agreed.  Although the lack of written terms does not mean that there is no contract, without those written terms it is much more difficult to piece together what each party thought the deal was and to deduce who is right.

Sometimes businesses come to us with contracts that they have signed without taking appropriate advice, by which time it is too late to make any changes (unless the other party agrees); often terms are accepted without much thought (i.e. on the back of order forms) and it is only when there is a problem that people realise what has actually been agreed?

If you have no terms of business, contracts or, even worse, terms that you have downloaded from the Internet; then we can help you to draft bespoke terms relevant to your business.  If you already have terms in place, then we can review these for you to make sure that they suit your requirements.

It is not just terms of business that we can help with; here are some examples of the types of contracts that your business might need:

We cannot guarantee that you will never have a dispute in the future, but by having written terms you can at least hope to make it much easier to resolve any disputes

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