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In relationship breakdowns where children are involved it is important to ensure that the children’s needs are supported and their best interests prioritised. This can often be difficult when it seems that your whole world is being turned upside down.

The stress of having to think about what will happen with arrangements for your children is often extremely traumatic and, supporting your children through the breakdown of your relationship, whilst dealing with the transition yourself can be extremely distressing and challenging.

At Batt Broadbent we understand the difficulties and emotional turmoil you are facing and can help guide you through this difficult period in your life.

We can advise you in respect of all aspects concerning the arrangements for your children such as:

  • Who the children will live with
  • How often they will see and spend time with the other parent
  • When to introduce new partners
  • How you can deal with schooling and health issues going forward
  • How to interact with your ex-partner regarding child-related matters - this is very important as, although your ex is probably the last person you want to speak to, if your children are young, you are very likely to have to communicate with your ex regarding the arrangements for your children for many years to come.

We can help you to think about the wider picture and  help to ensure that you and your family get the best possible outcome.

Child Support

The court no longer has jurisdiction to deal with child maintenance applications.  If you and the other parent cannot agree on financial support for your children an application to the Child Maintenance Service may be necessary.

The paying parent is legally responsible for contributing towards their children’s upkeep, even if, for whatever reason, they are not seeing or spending any time with them. 

We can help you if you and your spouse wish to enter into a private arrangement for the payment of child maintenance having regard to the guidelines set by the Child Maintenance Service.  The maintenance is calculated according to the paying parent’s income.  The CMS online calculator can be found here https://www.gov.uk/calculate-child-maintenance

More information about who will manage your claim (if you choose not to enter into a private arrangement can be found here): https://www.gov.uk/making-child-maintenance-arrangement/using-child-maintenance-service

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