Children Matters

In relationship breakdowns where children are involved it is important to ensure that your children’s needs are supported and this can often be difficult when it seems that your whole world is being turned upside down. The stress of having to think about what will happen with arrangements for your children can often be extremely traumatic, furthermore, trying to support your children through the breakdown of your relationship when you are having to get yourself through the transition too can often be extremely challenging.

At Batt Broadbent we understand the difficulties and emotional turmoil you are facing and we can help you to understand how to think about supporting your child through this difficult period and at the same time managing to get yourself through it too.

We can offer advice about contact, when you can introduce new partners to children, how you can deal with schooling and health issues going forward and how to interact with your ex-partner regarding the children when you have had to deal with the breakdown of your relationship. This is very important as, in many cases, although they may feel like the last person you want to speak to, many people with young children will have to bite the bullet and speak to their ex-partner for many years to come.

We can help you to think about the wider picture and get you and your children through this difficult time in one piece.

Child Support

The non-resident parent is legally responsible for contributing towards their children’s upkeep even if they do not actually have any contact with them.  You may wish to enter into a private arrangement for maintenance and in settling on a figure you may wish to have regard to the guidelines set by the child maintenance service.  The maintenance is calculated according to the non-resident parent’s net income. There is a helpful calculator online (see the link below) which can calculate the standard amount payable; however, you should also check the child maintenance rates before using the calculator.

You may have heard of the Child Support Agency or CSA. This service no longer deals with new claims as these are managed by the child maintenance service who can also collect payments on your behalf if you ask them to deal with your case. The CSA will still handle existing matters prior to 25 November 2013. More information about who will manage your claim (if you choose not to enter into a private arrangement can be found here:

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