Contentious Probate and Disputed Wills and Estates

Dealing with the administration of a deceased person’s estate can be a painful, time consuming and stressful time. When disputes over the value of assets or the interpretation of the will arise, tension can heighten, and the process can become extremely difficult.

Dealing with these issues requires a sensitive approach. The law is complex, and disputes often involve a wide range and number of individuals.

Our experienced, expert team at Batt Broadbent are fully equipped to offer confidential, amicable and cost-effective solutions to the issues of Contentious Probate or Disputed Wills and Estates.

Contentious Probate includes any dispute over the value of assets or the interpretation of a will.  Other disputes arise where people claim they were dependent upon the deceased and no provision was made for them in the Will or they were disinherited.

Regularly acting on behalf of executors and administrators, beneficiaries, family members, step-children and former cohabitees, we can provide expert legal advice on:

  • Contentious Probate – where there is a dispute over how the estate is administered;
  • Contesting a Will – when there are problems with the Will itself;
  • Inheritance Act Claims – if you have been disinherited, left out of a Will or you were a dependent upon the deceased who was not left as much as you need;
  • Trust Disputes – including the removal of a trustee or claims for money from a trust;
  • Power of Attorney and Deputyship Disputes – when the deceased did not have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.
  • Disputes between executors or administrators
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Claims by or against the Estate

We understand and appreciate the difficulties you might be facing and always provide common sense solutions, explained in understandable, everyday language, in an effort to defuse any tensions that may have arisen.

The majority of our cases reach agreement without the need to involve a Court, through negotiation and/or mediation; should the matter need intervention through the Courts, our team have considerable experience in advising and representing our clients through every step of this process giving you peace of mind and total support.

We proudly offer a free and confidential discussion regarding your potential dispute. Simply call Jeremy Tier on 01722 411141 if you feel we can assist you with your dispute.  One-hour, fixed fee appointments are also available on request at either our Salisbury or Chippenham Offices.

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