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There are no hard and fast rules about who gets what and who pays for what following separation and divorce.  Every case is different and different rules apply if you are married, in a civil partnership or simply living together. 

Getting a divorce does not automatically end the financial relationship between you and your spouse.  You will need to reach a financial settlement in order to separate your finances.  This can be done in various ways such as

More details about these processes can be found here.

Even when you are divorced, without a settlement you both still retain the ability to make financial claims against each other. You can get a financial settlement at any time during proceedings. Reaching an agreement will depend on your relationship and the complexity of the assets.

Court proceedings to deal with financial disputes can be emotionally and financially expensive and, where possible, you will be encouraged to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse. If, for whatever reason, agreement cannot be reached either through negotiation, mediation or the collaborative process, only then is it likely to become necessary to make an application to court to deal with financial settlement.

More information about dealing with financial settlement on divorce and the types of orders available can be found here.

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