General Power of Attorney (PoA)

This sort of power of attorney is made under the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 and is usually a short simple document covering either all your financial affairs, or it can be to do a specific thing (such as sign papers relating to a house sale happening whilst you are unable to sign yourself) or can be restricted to a specific period of time (dealing with all your affairs whilst you are in hospital for instance).

This type of Power of Attorney works as soon as it is signed, cannot be registered (registration is not relevant) and stops working at the end of the specified period or completion of the course of action specified. Trustee Powers of Attorney authorising another person to represent you as a trustee may only run for up to one year, and then must be renewed.

A general power of attorney cannot be used if the donor who made it loses mental capacity. This means it may cease to work just as it is needed most. We normally recommend that a Lasting Power of Attorney is used as well, or instead, to cover this problem.

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