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We should all consider making a Will to ensure that our estate is handled by the right people and goes to the correct beneficiaries. Many people presume that this will happen automatically when they die, however, intestacy rules, which direct who should administer and inherit an estate if you die without a will, don’t always produce the results you would want.

Having a Will allows you to:

  • Appoint guardians for children and specify the age at which they inherit (almost nobody wishes a child to inherit significant amounts at 18)
  • Substitute executors and beneficiaries in case the original person or people die with you or before you.
  • Add legacies to beneficiaries who might not otherwise inherit anything in your estate automatically, such as children, grandchildren, godchildren, friends and charities.
  • Make individual provision for various beneficiaries according to their circumstances, if equality between beneficiaries is not what you wish.
  • Protect your estate using trusts, so that assets can be ring-fenced for instance to ensure that they reach your children after both parents have died. This can be very important in second relationships, where you want to provide for each other but also each have children by a former relationship.
  • Make best possible use of spouse exemption and future lifetime giving.

Wills and probate Pricing and Service Information

We pride ourselves on the personal service that we provide and, whilst we embrace technology, there is nothing to replace an old-fashioned telephone call to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

If you would like to discuss our probate services, you can contact any of the people below, who will be more than happy to explain the process and give you details of the likely costs for your transaction.

We are also required by our professional rules to provide certain information relating to costs and service and this can be found here: Pricing-and-Service-Information-Probate


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